Streamlit for Education 🍎

Hey friends,

We’re working on revamping Streamlit’s education program, and we want to hear from you!

If you’re a teacher, student, work at an education-related company, or produce educational content, I’d love for you to comment on this thread or like this post, so I can make sure you receive a link to share your thoughts with us. You’ll also be the first ones to know when we roll out the new program :mega:

Thanks so much!


Hi @Caroline , thanks for resurrecting the Education program :blush:

I am a software engineer working in post-graduate education and academia. I am making a workshop to introduce people (python beginners, mainly) to Streamlit. Many students and researchers have data and methods that would suit a data-app, and I want to promote collaboration and encourage people to see that creating and deploying an app doesn’t require deep coding experience.

Looking forward to seeing how the Education program develops :apple: :teacher:


@altanner awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’ll add you to our list

I have been falling in love with creating educational apps using Streamlit. You can find over 30 examples in Visualize-ML · GitHub. The apps are used to explain fundamentals of mathematical tools in machine learning and data science.

I love to hear more from you guys about new programs!

Sorry the pdf files are in Chinese 中文 though.


Hi @Caroline. I teach in USC’s Data Science department (and have taught at UCLA previously). I have my students do a “presentation worthy” project at the end of the semester, but it’s currently done in Jupyter notebooks. I’d be very interested in a program that allows a class to one-click deploy final projects to the web from GitHub (versus, say, notebooks in Collab). Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store!


Hi @Caroline
I am a professor of signal processing at UMONS, Belgium.
I have started with a colleague at McGill a collection of streamlit apps for making SigProc more intuitive to students.
Looking forward for more info on Steamlit for Education.
By the way, I am looking for a short (2-3 hours) course on using streamlit for a “hands-on” workshop I organize in early July.


Amazing! I’ll add you all to the list. Thanks so much!

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How do I rejoin the Streamlit for educators forum?


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Hello Caroline, can a German university and its students also participate in the “Streamlit Student Ambassadors” program?

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@Walter_Richtscheid Definitely! I can add you to the email list.

@agbozo1 We’ve retired the forum section and are switching to a Slack channel. Shoot me a DM if you’d like to join!

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That would be great. We ( Umwelttechnik | Hochschule Esslingen ) are in the process of building a climate cabinet with numerous control options. In the final stage, students and high school students will be able to design and run experiments via Streamlit.

Since I am responsible for the main programming work, you are welcome to put me on the e-mail list.

Greetings Walter


I’m Chinese, and I teach machine learning course for staff in some IT
company. I made some Streamlit app for the course. It’s really powerful!
One of app is on my Youtube channel: Streamlit App for Clustering Models - YouTube


I am a data scientist and am interested in Streamlit for education.
I am currently providing training for Python Course - PCEP for Python Institute platform. Its url is “

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Regards, Riaz


Hi Caroline, I am a researcher and teacher. I use streamlit to showcase my research project as well as teach students, researchers. I looking forward to receiving the latest updates!


Hi Caroline, i m Abdouraman Data Science and AI instructor in a private university in Cameroon i m planning to give streamlit classes to m’y students for AI apps development and deployment.
It will be a pleasure to be part of this cohorte of streamlit educators.
Having Access to courses matérials and tools will be very helpfull


hello, Sean from Portland, US.

I run a private institution to teach students in python & ML.

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