Streamlit+(GPT-4-turbo)+Qdrant+(Cohere embeddings)=Vaccination chatbot

When you mix Streamlit, GPT-4-turbo (OpenAI), Qdrant and Cohere embeddings you get a chatbot that can answer questions related to children vaccination and diseases they protect from. ( is the product of using all the mentioned technologies to build a chatbot answering vaccination related questions in Azerbaijani language in Azerbaijan, a small country which has measles outbreak going on currently.
GPT-4-turbo itself doesn’t do good job in Azerbaijani language (GPT-3.5-turbo is even worse), therefore, by using #Cohere’s embeddings (did better job than OpenAI’s) and using #Qdrant vector database loaded with relevant information in Azerbaijani language it is possible to generate effective responses. Of course, #Streamlit makes the presentation job hassle free!

The chatbot not only answers questions relatively found in the database but also reasonably answers questions like “Which vaccines should I do for my 5 y.o. child?” (no vaccines are given at this age according to the national vaccination schedule and no specific entry is in the database) by giving recommendations what vaccines the child should have received by that age and which one the child should be getting at the age of 6 and further, all in Azerbaijani language. The chatbot doesn’t answer questions for which information is not present at all in the database, hence giving possibility to say that the hallucinations are not a problem at the moment. However, as more people start using the chatbot more true results will be available.

The language’s Latin-letter alphabet contains unicode characters such as ə, ö, ü, ş, ğ, ı and in “texting” people may substitute them with their corresponding letters without “dots and tails”. The chatbot also “recognizes” the substitution, “understands” the question and still produces perfect answers.

This also can serve as an example of possible use of the mentioned technologies in chatbots for communication with immigrants regarding health related questions which do not require HIPAA compliance.

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