Streamlit handling Frozensets

Hi, I keep running into an error when running my stream lit app. I feel incredibly un prepared on how to tackle this error and need some guidance.

the error is:
streamlit.errors.StreamlitAPIException: (“Could not convert frozenset({‘Accessories’}) with type frozenset: did not recognize Python value type when inferring an Arrow data type”, ‘Conversion failed for column itemsets with type object’)

I am using an apriori algorithm from the mlxtend library on a data set which i am wanting to graph. I am also using the networkx graphing library to do this. I think the issue is from the mlxtend library because when i try to st.write() the table from the apriori results, i get the same error as above.

Is there a workaround ?

The scripts i used works in google coolab, but i want to display the findings dynamically in streamlit.