Streamlit sharing not processing all dependencies!

Hello everyone,

I recently deployed an app using streamlit sharing at

But after a few days, the app has suddenly stopped working today. The app must have restarted and now it is only downloading two dependencies (opencv_python and torch) out of many and not even installing those two.

Log page:


Hey @apoorve_singhal,

I just went to your app and it is working for me! Can you recheck on your end and see if it is running?

I’m just checking with our engineering team, I believe they may have been pushing some updates that would cause some down time in the apps (over night on our local time zone). Will get back to you on this!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hey Marisa,

Thanks a ton for helping out! The app had started running again but is now down again with an error of:
No module named ‘yaml’

This shouldn’t be happening because -

  1. I haven’t pushed any new changes and the app was working before.
  2. PyYAML is already listed as a dependency in the project’s requirements.txt file