Streamlit Shorts: How to make a button

Hey Community :wave:t3:,

We’re excited to announce a new media format called Streamlit Shorts - these will be a series of short (~90 seconds or less) YouTube videos that are designed to make developing, designing and most importantly, learning about Streamlit easy. :partying_face::tada:

The goal is to create a series of videos that will allow new (and experienced!) users of Streamlit a new way to learn (or remember) how to use, create and debug some of the most common Streamlit functions. We know that people have many different learning styles, and we hope this will help those visual and interactive learners out there! :star_struck:

The first video topic is on how to create one of Streamlit’s most core functionalities, the button. Check it out below: :heart_eyes:

:tv: Video:

:desktop_computer: Sample code:

import streamlit as st 

st.title("Making a Button")

result = st.button('Click Here')

if result:

Have functionality or a question you’d like to see covered in a short? Let us know below :balloon:


Looking forward to seeing how this content builds up in 2021! I think a lot of people will be drawn to bite-sized videos :partying_face:

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