Streamlit stats (weekly?)

Is there a way to receive weekly stats of apps views rather than monthly?

Hey @emmanuel!

For the emails, we want to stick to a monthly format so it’s not too much spam. But we want to surface some more detailed analytics numbers in the app settings on Streamlit Cloud in the future. Can’t really give you a concrete date for when this will be launched but I’d guess sometime in spring next year.

If you have any input on which numbers (besides weekly views) you’d love to see, please reply here and I’ll add it to our roadmap :heart:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Hi Johannes,

I think you are right that emails are maybe not the right format.

Ideally it would be a dashboard on with some a graph showing the number of views (year/month/week/day)


Just a workaround when this solution is not implemented: