Team Draft Recommender Engine

Hi Streamlit community,

I’m trying to build a recommendation engine for a video game. The goal is to help players assemble a dream team, or at the very least least a team that can win.
The image at the bottom gives a summary of what I envision the final product to look like.

To explain the mechanics:

  • There are two teams, A and B.
  • Each team picks from a pool of characters (a, b, c, …h).
  • Each time can make 3 picks, therefore it’s a 3 vs 3.
  • A character can only be picked once.
  • Some characters counter others, some synchronize well with each other. For example, a is a good counter to b, and a & c synchronize well together.

I describe the drafting order below, in the end each team has chosen 3 players from the available pool:

  1. A makes 1 pick (A=1, B=0).
  2. B makes 2 picks (A=1, B=2)
  3. A makes 2 picks (A=3, B=2)
  4. B makes 1 pick (A=3, B=3)

I’m trying to make a recommender engine for each team and at every stage. So for example if you are team B at stage 2, you select team A’s pick from a drop down list, and the engine will recommend two picks that ideally counter A’s pick & they synchronize well together.

I appreciate your input & comments. Please feel free to to ask any question you might have.

Hi @NadimKawwa,

Thanks for sharing with the Streamlit community!

Is there a specific question you’re looking to ask? If not, I’m happy to move this to our “Show the Community” section if you’re hoping to discuss the use-case in general.



Hi Caroline,
Thanks for the follow up.
The question I have is: How does one create these boxes (Pick 1, Pick 2, etc…) in streamlit?