I can’t install tensorflow into my env, after I type pip install tensorflow it exit the VScode app without install. How can I make it compatible with streamlit?

This is not related to streamlit.
Of course you can install tensorflow in a virtual env.
Please provide more information, i don’t understand what exactly you are doing.

I was trying to import keras from tensorflow using streamlit library and I got some errors, that is why I tried to asked If it had anything to do with streamlit.

What does that mean? :thinking: What errors? Do you have an example? Reading your reply in the literal sense translates to from streamlit.tensorflow import keras, which is probably not what you mean…

Streamlit’s required dependencies are listed in setup.py. Note the absence of tensorflow and keras, implying that Streamlit installation should not affect your TF/keras import.

Yes, you are right. But what I don’t understand is, when I try to install tensorflow it exits VScode… Anyway… Thank you for your concern. when am settled I’ll find a better way of explaining it, if still I can’t resolve it.


There is a guide on how to install tensorflow. Check some requirements.

That looks like a bug in VScode. I don’t think it should exit just because you execute pip in its integrated terminal (I guess that is what you are doing). Note that you do not need VScode to execute pip or install tensorflow.

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Noted, thanks.