Theme Change using st.markdown

I want to change my theme using the command st.markdown( “”"

""", unsafe_allow_html=True,). My current custom theme is [theme] base="dark" primaryColor="#002b36" backgroundColor="#002b36" secondaryBackgroundColor="#586e75" font="sans serif" Can someone please help me to sort out this problem?

Please anyone suggest me a solution. Or tell me the solution is possible or not.

Hi @udo

Those edits are to be put inside a .streamlit/config.toml file (Theming - Streamlit Docs).

Edits done in st.markdown should be CSS Selectors + Properties only like

body {
    background-color: lightgoldenrodyellow;

div[role="listbox"] ul {
    background-color: red;

There are some tutorials wandering in this forum like

to understand all the HTML blocks and CSS properties you can edit within the Streamlit app.

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

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