This sends a error message for streamlit app for requirements (this should not)

This is the repository - trying to produce it on streamlit, I get an error:

Error installing requirements.

Click “Manage App” and consult the terminal for more details.

If you still have questions, leave a message in our forums and we will get back to you ASAP.
Could you please tell me why ?

And now


This isn’t supposed to happen.
Please contact support.

Error: Internal server error. Please retry and contact support if it happens again Code: 500

Please share the logs from the app to show what the specific error is.

At a glance, I see datetime which you should not have, because it’s part of the python standard library. You could try removing that and see if that fixes it.

You can test this locally by doing pip install -r requirements.txt which should help you figure out what’s going wrong.

It works locally. The problem is not in the app, but in installing the requirements

I can’t even access the logs

Can you try deleting and re-deploying the app, and if it still doesn’t work then can you share a link to the app?

You should be able to see the logs by following these instructions Manage your app<!-- --> - Streamlit Docs

I would recommend removing datetime from your requirements.txt, even if it works, because it’s almost certainly not what you want DateTime · PyPI

Hi !
It does not work redeploying
But I will try the datetime and I cannot access the logs because you have to have your application deployed in order to get the logs

Not working by removing the datetime either

sklearn is not supported by requirements.txt and it has to be scikit-learn
The Manage App appears sometimes on the left bottom side of the cake page (when loading the app for the first time) if the error message does not appear too fast
If ever the app gets an error message, it is possible to reboot it on the app page on the left button with the three points after a change made in GitHub, or on the bottom left by Manage App

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