Updating Streamlit app through sftp - file changes are not caught

I am using sftp to sync file changes from my local environment (my laptop) to the on-premise server where the Streamlit app runs for end-users.
The application is run on an on-premise Windows Server 2019 server as a service managed by NSSM (the Non-Sucking Service Manager).

In the past, I was remote connecting to the server; the files were version controlled with git on the server and updated from the Github repository with a pull. In that case, the Streamlit app was always catching any file change and the app would refresh with those changes automatically so that users can get them, without having to restart the service.

Now, with the ftp sync (which removes the need to version control on the deployment server and to remote connect to it any time I do an update), the changes are not caught, or sometimes some file changes get caught and some don’t. In any case, the only way to make sure all file changes are caught is for me to remote connect to the server and restart the app… Which defeats the purpose of using sftp for faster deployment and avoid interruptions on the user side!

Has anyone used a similar process and/or experienced any such issue?

How can I use sftp to sync files and have the Streamlit app catch those changes?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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