Usage of High CPU When Deploying an App With Docker

I deployed a very simple web app having only a radio button and displaying the selected value on screen. Which does take nearly 0%
CPU and Memory. The deployed machine has 2vCPUs and 4gig RAM. When I do 5 minutes load test with 20 concurrent users, I get around 13 seconds of average response and app gets unresponsive. I tried this on DigitalOcean app service and AWS ECS which both gave the same results.

Streamlit version is 1.22.0.

Am I missing something in .streamlit/config.toml file maybe? Or is it platform specific issue or I am missing something in Dockerfile? Or is there any bug in this version of streamlit?

We can close this topic. My app simply crashes because of wrong load testing script…

Glad you’ve found the root of the problem.

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