Using package from a private repo in Streamlit deploy

Has anyone looked at deploying a streamlit app that references a python package hosted in a private repository? We have a common code library that we reference in Pipfile which will pip install from a private GitHub repo we own. For non-streamlit deployments our CI/CD system is given a specific SSH key with permissions to access this repo, but we don’t (currently, as far as I see) have that option in Streamlit yet.

Figured I’d ask if anyone has tried this and might have found a solution.


Just a reply to say - I spoke to the nice guys and gals at Streamlit and (hopefully they won’t mind me sharing this) they said this feature is on the roadmap but no confirmed delivery date for now.

For the time being we’re just bundling the private repo code in to our streamlit app repo and we’ll worry about handling updates with a good old copy & paste from time to time.


Any updates on this? Know of any similar threads?

Check this answer of mine to a similar question.

@Luiz_Scheuer Here’s a thread on the same topic:

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