Version 0.89.0

Release date: Sep 22, 2021


  • :moneybag: Introducing st.experimental_memo and experimental_singleton, a new primitive for caching! See our blog post
  • :hamburger: Streamlit allows developers to configure their hamburger menu to be more user-centric

Notable Changes

  • :nail_care: We updated our UI to a more polished look with a new font.
  • :art: We now support theme.base in the theme object when it’s sent to custom components.
  • :brain: We’ve modified session state to reset widgets if any of their arguments changed even if they provide a key.
    • Some widget behavior may have changed, but we believe this change makes the most sense. We have added a section to our documentation describing how they behave.

Other Changes

  • :beetle: Bug fixes: Support svgs from a URL (#3809) and that do not start with <svg> tag (#3789)

See our demo app demonstrating these new features!


Nice job. Though is there a way to insert a thumbnail through my app url so people who i had shared can know what the url it’s about?

is there a single place, command line, or method that can list all experimental or beta features?

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So I posted this in the v1.0 announcement, but it appears this “widget state” change was implemented here, in v.0.89.

“Some widget behavior may have changed, but we believe this change makes the most sense.” I think more needs to be said about this (e.g. why was this change made, what are the benefits). This change seems to impact my app’s functionality a great deal and I’m not sure how to reconfigure to accommodate.

That is on our radar as something to do! There’s huge value in sharing your work. There are few challenges we need to tackle to make it “Streamlit-y” (ie. fast and simple). All I can say for now is Stay Tuned.

Ah! We could definitely be making it easy for experimental and beta features to be displayed.

For what it’s worth, currently, there are no beta features that I see. All of the ones that exist are deprecated for their proper place in Streamlit without a prefix.

As for experimental, we have a few:

  • experimental_rerun - Rerun the script immediately.
  • experimental_get_query_params and experimental_set_query_params allows you to retrieve and set the query params of the application.
  • experimental_memo and experimental_singleton From the release notes today
  • experimental_show - this predates me, but the doc in code says “Write arguments and argument names to your app for debugging purposes.”

Hope that helps!

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