Version 1.11.0


  • :card_index_dividers: Introducing st.tabs to have tab containers in your app. See our documentation on how to use this feature.

Notable Changes

  • :information_source: st.metric supports tooltips with the help keyword parameter.
  • :metro: st.columns supports setting a gap size between columns with the gap keyword parameter.

Other Changes

  • :nail_care: Design tweaks to st.selectbox, st.expander, st.spinner (#4801).
  • :iphone: The sidebar will close when users select a page from the navigation menu on mobile devices (#4851).
  • :brain: st.memo supports dataclasses! (#4850).
  • :racing_car: Bug fix for a race condition that destroyed widget state with rapid interaction (#4882).
  • :ping_pong: st.table presents overflowing content to be scrollable when placed inside columns and expanders (#4934).
  • :snake: Types: More updated type annotations across Streamlit! (#4808, #4809, #4856)