Version 1.19.0

Awesome, we needed an easy-to-use grid editor. Hopefully, cell dropdowns will come soon. :slight_smile:

Cell dropdowns are already in the release, but they only get activated for columns with the categorical type (see here).

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It’s already in work; we will release an URL column type soon. Is your requirement just to have clickable URL’s in the cells?

pandas 1.1.5
numpy 1.21.6

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Great to hear! Yes, basically, hopefully with a way to set the display name / icon and the _target attribute.

Thanks! It would be very helpful if you could report it here as an issue with the exception and the snippet you used. This sounds like something that might need a fix asap: Issues · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

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Is there any ability to hide the index column? I noticed this is possible with markdown for st.table but not st.dataframe for streamlit versions >1.10, and it doesn’t appear available for this either? Thanks, trying to make pretty tables for client :slight_smile: .

P.S. would love the functionality to limit the users ability to manipulate data by column. For example if I want user to be able select a checkbox in a new column as shown in the release example, BUT not allow them to accidentally manipulate any other data, which IMO is easy to do when playing around with this.


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Perfect! We have been waiting for this update for a while. After a quick try with my application, I have some questions:

1. It has already been asked in the comments; however, I want to remind you. Is it possible to delete the indexing column since we can add custom indexing?
2. Is there a way to set the total width to the page width so that the column widths are arranged accordingly?
3. Is it possible to colorize the cell background or cell edge?


I see you guys showing these effect.

So how to display widgets in st.experimental_data_editor, could you write a demo? I didn’t find a way to do it in any docs.


Setting data_editor to dynamic shows one of the features that i was looking for which is a selectable checkbox. but it seems that it is only useful for editing the table. i would like to be able to get information from the rows selected as in aggrid.

I added a column with checkbox starting with all values False. Then once user checks certain boxes you can subset the edited data frame where the value of that column is now True. I think this is an example of what you’re asking for.

Spoiler alert! Apparently, when updating our docs @snehankekre scooped a secret feature that’s coming soon :smiley:

So the answer is: you can’t do that today but, if you want to be pleasantly surprised, just wait a couple of releases. @jrieke and @lukasmasuch are working on it!


Here’s a hack (if you are using data frames) to get rid of the index column in the display, by first setting the index to a new index column I want, then resetting the index after to get back to my original data frame (but now with user edits). I think it could work if you are wanting to customize index, but it definitely depends on the type of data you are showing. It works for me without breaking downstream code that uses the edited df and looks much better in display.
df = df.set_index(‘New Index Column’)
edited_df = st.experimental_data_editor(df)
edited_df = edited_df.reset_index()

Also use_container_width=True is a parameter option which I think answers your 2nd question?

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I am getting this error when using edit dataframe, someone please help me

Thanks. I need this feature very much. At present, I have to use st.columns to make particularly ugly table with widgets. Can you give an approximate release time? Like weeks or months? Or follow the next release?

We already fixed this issue a few days ago and it will be released with 1.20 in a few days. In the meantime, you might be able to fix this by updating numpy.

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Thank you very much. I updated numpy to the latest but it still doesn’t solve the problem. I will wait for the new update and hope it will solve my problem

Great and useful feature! But can’t it support pd.styler? For example, st.dataframe(
can create a table with highlighted blocks (green background color), while
cannot show the highlighted color.

Unfortunately, supporting pandas styler would seriously slow down the data editor. But we exploring alternative ways to apply styling and modify display values.

Awesome! Thanks for the effort!

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