Version 1.3.0

Release date: Dec 16, 2021

Notable Changes

  • :100: Support for NumPy values in st.metric .
  • :globe_with_meridians: Support for Mesh Layers in PyDeck.
  • :bar_chart: Updated Plotly chart version to support the latest features.
  • :basketball: st.spinner element has visual animated spinner.
  • :cake: st.caption supports HTML in text with unsafe_allow_html parameter.

Other Changes

  • πŸͺ² Bug fix: Allow st.session_state to be used to set number_input values with no warning (#4047).
  • πŸͺ² Bug fix: Fix footer alignment in wide mode (#4035).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: Better support for Graphviz and Bokeh charts in containers (columns, expanders, etc.) (#4039).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: Support inline data values in Vega-Lite (#4070).
  • :writing_hand: Types: Updated type annotations for experimental memo and singleton decorators.
  • :writing_hand: Types: Improved type annotations for st.selectbox , st.select_slider , , st.number_input , and st.multiselect .

10x improvement on spinner here. Thanks.

Have a great holiday break, Streamlit Team!


Great updates

fantastic news for the end of the year. However, I found the follwing behaviour and I wonder if it is a feature or a bug: I want to display a login button on the top-right. I have achieved this until now, by generating 2 columns and placed the button in the second column. Since version 1.3.0, if there is no content in column 0, the button will be placed in column 0 instead of column 1. The system also seems to react differently if the layout is set to wide, if I dont define the layout setting, it works as before. Placing an empty string in the first column is an easy enough workaround, just wanted to know it this behaviour is intended. Also: is there a better way for placing the login button to the upper-right? for example right-align widgets without any columns at all?

import streamlit as st

cols = st.columns([9,1])

#if uncommented, it works
#with cols[0]:
#    st.write('')

with cols[1]:
    if st.button('Login'):

Hi @godot63 Thank you for bringing this up! I have confirmed it’s an issue. We have created an issue in out GitHub 1.3.0 bug - Empty columns are not respected in layouts Β· Issue #4216 Β· streamlit/streamlit Β· GitHub.

I have a solution for this but am working to get testing done and ensure it’s the correct change. With that, we can issue a patch release. Likely giving the timing, the patch will not be ready until the new year, but I will do my best to see if I can get it in sooner.

Thanks again for your help!

Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. No rush on my side, as I mentioned, I have a workaround.




Hi @godot63! We got a release out with 1.3.1. These contain a fix for your issue with columns not providing spacing. Hope it works for you :blush:

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hi @kmcgrady: fantastic! Thanks for the fast fix. You guys are amazing. I hope I have not kept you from rest and rejuvenating these days.
cheers and happy new year.

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