What are my options fro deploying streamlit applications

I am looking for services that would support streamlit applications. I am currently deploying one on share.streamlit.io, but i notice that it only supports a single private application. Are there plans for paid subscriptions? I have tried using AWS App Runner but can’t get it to work. It seems stuck, on startup which I suspect is due to the lack of web socket support.

Hey @Jim_Alateras ,

Currently, Streamlit does not have any Paid plans for its cloud service.

You can stay updated on this thread @ Streamlit Cloud pricing discussion

If you’d like to learn more about paid plans, feel free to fill out this form provided by Caroline: Streamlit and Snowflake

In the mean time, I would just create a new github account and push your project to it to get a free private account deployment with the account.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Jo