What is the role of a Streamlit Student Ambassador

Hi, i joined the streamlit student ambassador program recently but I can’t understand what’s the role of being a Streamlit Student Ambassador. Does anyone know about that?

It is a brand new program, so I don’t think there’s anyone to speak from experience yet. They did post that for students there would be educational materials and guidance to create apps and master Streamlit. Sounds like you might get a bit more leeway on free hosting services to facilitate your development. I think they said they were going to use their Discord server for the main communication, so I would keep an eye out there for when they get things rolling. They should be posting something for you guys starting this month. I hope you enjoy the new program!

Original post: 🎉 Our new education programs!

Hey @xdpooja, check out the slides shared in the Discord channel for more info on the program

It only just started but to me its about building a community that can learn and grow together and spread knowledge about Streamlit and apply new interesting use cases for it