Why is 'Parsely' not allowed when deployed as a domain?

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  1. Share the link to the public deployed app.
    Parsely · Streamlit (ragathon2024.streamlit.app)

  2. Share the link to your app’s public GitHub repository (including a requirements file).
    HomenShum/Parsely: Parsely v0.0.1 (github.com)

  3. Share the full text of the error message (not a screenshot).
    Following error message shows up whenever the domain contains ‘parse’ in that character order.
    This subdomain contains profanity. Please provide an alternative subdomain. Think this is a mistake? Shoot us a message on the forum. :balloon:

  4. Share the Streamlit and Python versions.
    Latest Streamlit 1.31 and Python 3.11

I guess the filter doesn’t like "Parsely"[1:5].

Is there a way to not have to filter ‘Parse’ :raised_hands: