xPlot, interactive 2D and 3D plotting app

Let me start off by saying - I’m new to programming, before this I had only used MATLAB/Simulink for some basic report generation and porting those programs to jupyter.

I needed a tool that could plot interactive graphs to visualise data from CSV’s, provide some analysis and share the results. Excel isn’t the best user experience for plotting, then zooming, seeing samples etc

This is my first streamlit app.


xPlot is a Python/Streamlit based data explorer to plot data from files for analysis.
It uses a WebUI powered by the Streamlit library, and plotting by the Plotly Library.
Data is handled and partly manipulated by Pandas and Numpy.


I have tried to include a “installer” - mainly for my work colleagues, you can however download and run as normal.


install.ink is a shortcut to a batch file that allows the user to select from 2 installation choices.

  • Option [1]: Install Python 3.7.4, Paths, Dependancies and Launch xPlot
    Using option [1] will launch a powershell script to install Python 3.7.4, all the dependencies required by xPlot and then launch the tool in a web browser

  • Option [2]: Install Dependancies and Launch xPlot
    Using option [2] will bypass the python installation and just install all the dependencies (presuming it is installed and has the correct paths) required by xPlot and then launch the tool in a web browser.

    Once installtion is complete the tool will already be launched, and can be relaunched using xPlot.bat


xPlot.bat will apply py - 3.7 -m streamlit run xPlot.py command to the cmd terminal which will launch a local server and open up the default web browser as the front-end.


Supported plots are:


  • Line
  • Scatter
  • Line and Scatter


image_export.py is slightly modified from : GitHub - bodealamu/opencharts: OpenCharts is a free and open source data visualization tool created so that people can create beautiful charts without code. OpenCharts is built on top of Streamlit, Plotly and Pandas.


Wow, amazing! There is a lot of inspiration to use for my dashboards!

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Excellent work for someone new to programming!! :100: :balloon:

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Wow this is amazing ! @seanbf if you’re new to programming you should definitely keep going because that is some clean code and visuals :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

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