100% height map

Hi everyone! I have a sidebar + 2 Columns Layout, and want to fill one column with a map that would use 100% of the height. I am currently using PyDeck but don’t really have any preference over, say, folium.
Is it something that can be done now?

Ideally, it would be just awesome to somehow pin that column, so that if the other column would be longer than screen height, it would scroll down, with the second column staying in place, similar to the sidebar’s behaviour.

hey @Casyfill,

To get the biggest map you can right now you can use streamlit.pydeck_chart(pydeck_obj, use_container_width=True) see the docs on pydeck here.

Unfortunately, you can’t ‘pin’ one column. This is actually a feature I have recently made a github request for, you can check it out here:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Thanks Marisa!
I Will definitely vote for scrolling.

Re Map - I meant specifically Height (figured out the width, thanks).
For something like a map, It feels it makes a lot of sense to keep them pinned and fixed to the size of the window. Too bad I don’t know enough to create a separate component for that…

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