2 random numbers appears on my column for no reason


So, after i create 2 columns to add 2 bar chart and i run it, in my page appears 2 random numbers ( 2, 4) and it does move my graphs one behind another

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

    col1, col2 = st.columns(2)

    with col1:
        chutesdedentroaria1 = df['attempts inside the penalty area team1'][0]
        chutesdedentroaria2 = df.iloc[0][25]
        totalchutes = chutesdedentroaria1, chutesdedentroaria2
        goles = px.bar(qatarecuador, y=totalchutes ,x=equipos, title='Chutes dentro de area Qatar vs Ecuador', labels={'y':'Chutes dentro area', 'x':'Equipos'},
        color={'blue':'Qatar', '#a60d1a':'Ecuador' }) 
    ### grafico chutes fuera del area
    with col2:
        chutesfueradearea1 = df.iloc[0][26]
        chutesfueradearea2 = df.iloc[0][27]
        chutesfueradearea = chutesfueradearea1, chutesdedentroaria2
        goles = px.bar(qatarecuador, y=chutesfueradearea ,x=equipos, title='Chutes fuera de area Qatar vs Ecuador', labels={'y':'Chutes fuera area', 'x':'Equipos'},
color={'blue':'Qatar', '#a60d1a':'Ecuador' }) 
        st.plotly_chart(goles) ```

If applicable, please provide the steps we should take to reproduce the error or specified behavior.

**Expected behavior:**

Here you can see what i actually mean: (https://snipboard.io/dVjlJ1.jpg)

Hi @HerculesCastro!

Welcome to the community.

As for your question: please try to remove these two lines:


from your code. Streamlit is printing them out using magic.

It is exactly as you said, thanks