A Hybrid Book Recommender System called HyBoRiS

Hallo, I decided to build a book recommender from a publicly acquired dataset consisting of 6 million ratings for 10 thousand books.

I built a data explorer app: HTTPS://HyBoRiSdata.streamlit.app

A Recommender Algorithm Evaluator: HTTPS://HyBoRiS-RAE.streamlit.app

And a book recommender based on the Cosine Similarity algorithm and the ratings of the top 1,000 raters: HTTPS://HyBoRiS.streamlit.app

I take no responsibility for anything but if you choose one or two of your favourite authors, rate their books and press “Get Recommendations!” it is surprisingly good.

If you’d rather use Genres to get recommendations you can do that too, or a mix of the two, hence the “Hybrid”, but it takes more ratings to get good recommendations that way. This is the first time I ever conceived, built and deployed a machine learning system, and I couldn’t have done it (at least,not nearly as easily!) without Streamlit, so thanks!

If anyone is interested to see the code it’s at HTTPS://github.com/tom-blanchfield/BoRiS

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https://hyboris.streamlit.app/ is very nice. From UX perspective I’m quite sure it would benefit of two or three column layout!

Cool, thanks, yes the ux is clunky, it’s not in its final form yet, so will try to figure out how to do what you suggest and try it out!

Thanks a lot for your advice, I’d been working on making it functional and viewing it on mobile, didn’t realise how bad it looked on PC! I’ve got 3 columns now and it looks much better. Cheers! hyboris3|690x295

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Hi @invisible_blancmange it seems that for reasons you app is not working now

Thanks a lot for letting me know, not sure what the issue was but I’ve rebooted and it’s running again, if you’d like to try again?

It works now :slight_smile:

great! it’s still not in its final form, there are a few changes to functionality and I need to figure out how to arrange the book covers in rows lol. thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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