A line_chart question

I’ve got a question.
i have to make line charts in the system, but how to set x and ys’ in st like the way i do in other plot libs.
It’s just like how can i set x values cuz i have them in my excel files and how can i set them in the charts that my y axis is rate and x axis is date?

thanks all.

By the way,i have take the solution in forum for refernce,but how can i change my x axis to ‘2019/01/01’ instead of showing ‘January’? Much appreciate.

Thanks all.

i’ve upload my pics below, thanks for your help.

hi @xiaolianyeah,
thanks for posting. Our line_chart uses Altair. You can customize any chart by using the Altair API and then use directly st.altair_chart(chart). For example, you can follow this example (or any from the Altair library) and pass the chart to the above Streamlit function. This may also be relevant since it is specific to dates in Altair.