A table with word wrap AND checkboxes, AND saving the results

Hello everyone! Firstly thanks for the help this forum has already given on this issue. It is on one of these issues that I’d like some more help with - mirroring this post below:
How to display long text in Streamlit dataframes with automatic line breaks?

I can see word wrap isn’t available in st.dataframe/ st.data_editor, and checkboxes aren’t available with st.table. However @mathcatsand gave a great html based solution - that unfortunately Idon’t think the data can be retrieved from!

The issue is, there’s no point in checkboxes if the result cannot be retrieved with the context of the table (like st.data_editor can). I.e being able to later downloading a dataframe with the user’s amended checkboxes as a True/False column.

Is it possible to create an interactive table with word wrap AND checkboxes, AND the ability to save the results??

(and also make the markdown checkboxes bigger!)

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I am struggling with this too. My cell content is far too long for one line…