Access through mobile phone especially android?

Hello streamlit team, streamlit its so amazing, Could it be accessed from android mobile phone ??

Hi @raichan_abdikar,

Sure! I don’t see why not. Here’s a link to a Streamlit app called Semantic quote search that a Streamlit user deployed on their own server online.

See if you can pull that up and use it on your Android phone.

There hasn’t been a lot of testing of Streamlit apps on mobile phones (yet), so if you find mobile bugs, please do report them to us.

Let me know if that answered your question!

Thank you very much,
Anyway, i try to access my network URL of streamlit through my phone. But i cant be accessed. How to fix that ? If it need external url, how to get that url? I am sorry my question is really basic

Hi @raichan_abdikar and welcome to the forum :wave:!

I have a couple of follow-up questions:

  • Is your phone on the same network as your server?
  • Do you have any firewall running?

If your phone is on the same network, here is a link to a similar issue that could be helpful.

If your phone is on a different network, you’ll have to host the app in order to share it. Right now there isn’t a way to directly deploy your app through Streamlit, but we are working on our “For Teams” offering which is currently in the development phase, but here is a link to a few community driven ways to host your app.

Hopefully this helps, but if not feel free to let me know and we can continue to troubleshoot.