Add CSS to using st.markdown?

I am trying to list 10 videos with text side by side using st.columns. I am using st.markdown to add text inside

container to be of specific height and width. I want to do the same with videos so that video frame height and width will be same as text (side by side). When I try to add
inside st.markdown and then call, I get an error - can only concatenate str (not “DeltaGenerator”) to str
Is there anyway I can make my video height and width of same size as it’s side text under st.columns, so that all 10 videos and it’s corresponding text will appear row-wise and be of same height and width.

Hi @singhankit16, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Please post your code and/or a GitHub repo link so that the community can see what you’ve tried and give you helpful suggestions.