Adjust dataframe column width


I wanted to adjust the column width of the Pandas dataframe using st.dataframe. I have read the other issues based on the same, but I could not find a solution for this without using st.table. Below is what is happening, the default slider also does not slide to the extreme right to access the dataframe.

Below image is the fullscreen mode, where again I am unable to access or do any adjustments.

Another query I had is that I have to manually click on the arrow (below image) to go to the fullscreen page/mode. Is there a way to implement this so that when the user presses a button, he will directly see the fullscreen page?

Appreciate any help on the above 2 issues. Thanks.

Hello @Sushan,

Not being able to change dataframe column width is in fact a known issue.

For reference (you might have read those already):

As suggested in the mentioned thread above, you could try to use Plotly to render your dataframe, and vusualize it with st.plotly_chart(), or just st.write().

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