After installing streamlit_authenticator and logging in, sidebar menu desappears when reloading browser, other components remain


I installed Streamlit-Authenticator and everything works as intended. However, when I reload the browser, the streamlit-option-menu on my sidebar disappears. It seems to only affect the streamlit-option-menu component, since other components do appear as expected (I will include a screen caption below to show behavior). In search of finding clues, I compared the session state before and after refreshing the browser and the only changes I saw are:

Before refresh:

After refresh:
“FormSubmitter:Register user-Register”:false

Has anyone experienced this type of issue?

Before Refreshing:

After Refreshing:

Streamlit: 1.32.2
Python version: 3.12.0
Running locally
Windows 10 Enterprise

I have not had a reply yet, not sure if I am the only one experiencing this problem… perhaps it’s somewhat of an obscure issue, yet, I have tried pretty much everything to get this to work with no success. Any suggestions are welcomed.

I have similar problem like you
If you know the reason , notice me thank you

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Hi @dongbang_ban, I’m not sure if this issue is related to Streamlit-Authenticator.

Would you know if my issue is in fact related to the Authenticator or do you think is something else affecting the menu?

I’ll let you know if I can resolve this problem… does not look that promising for now…

Not sure whether it is a problem with streamlit or streamlit_authenticator. I updated streamlit_authenticator to the latest version and the same problem occurred after updating streamlit to version 1.32.2. The Streamlit-antd-components sidebar I used cannot be displayed. The problem was solved after downgrading streamlit to 1.32

I resolved!!! Thank you!

How did you resolve it?