Ag-Grid component with input support

Hi @PablocFonseca -

I love your control. Can you advise how to deselect checkboxes (or rows) in a grid? I have a large dataframe and it is hard to insure that all items are deselected.



Hi @PablocFonseca
Why is the access to the new examples location forbidden?
I’m new to this and used to check some things but now i can’t :frowning:

Hi, when trying to use df with multi-index I get this error:

MarshallComponentException: (“Could not convert component args to JSON. If you’re using custom JsCode objects on gridOptions, ensure that allow_unsafe_jscode is True.”, TypeError(‘keys must be str, int, float, bool or None, not tuple’))

Is there a way to translate from pandas multi-index to aggrid Column Groups, with only 2 hierarchies?

It’s on my list… but not implemented yet.

The nested view will be very helpful to the users to see sub-total, filter, view logically if the rows share some in common. So huge +1 to this feature!

Do you mean this link?