Amount of online users

Hi everyone!

How many people can use my streamlit project online (all in one time)?

And what if I deploy it on heroku? How many people can be there?


Hi @Saveliy_Borkov -

It’s hard to answer questions like these, since a lot of it is based on what the application does. But for a simple comparison of Heroku and Streamlit sharing, there should be no difference in concurrent user support (with maybe slightly higher on Streamlit sharing, as our instance sizes are slightly larger than the Heroku free tier).


Hi @randyzwitch,

Thank you for your answer!

It will be simple news parser. And I think that there can be 1000 users at the same time. Can streamlit or Heroku handle this amount?

I would love to be corrected by @randyzwitch but my current understanding is that each connected user to a streamlit site spawns its own thread/process.

Heroku places an artificial limit of 256 threads on each free, hobby, and standard dyno.

The larger dynos ($$$) allow for more threads.

Correct, at least one (since devs themselves can choose to do multiple threads).

I would not expect Streamlit sharing, nor any other free tier to handle 1000 simultaneous users doing computations.