Analytics not logging visits/emails

Hi there - we have a private app and our analytics are not working. Users are accessing the app but their emails are not being logged/recent activity is not appearing in the Analytics view. Is there anything we need to do to restore this functionality?

Hi! Thank you for raising this issue. I’ve identified the problem and I’ll roll out a fix in approximately 12 hours.


Upon further inspection, it will require some additional troubleshooting. Analytics is working as expected for public applications, so I would need to check with the product team on what the behavior should be for private applications.

I believe the expected behavior is for Analytics to track which emails logged in. Emails can’t get logged on public apps. This has worked on other private apps historically, and it also worked for this one initially but suddenly stopped recording visits.

I just launched a private app yesterday and it’s also not updating the analytics. The only user it shows is myself when I know others have been accessing it.

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hi @Alexandru_Toader - anything we can do to show analytics for these apps in the mean time?

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Hi! I plan to look into this early next week and try to get to the bottom of the issue. From an initial analysis, I could not track down the root cause.

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Any progress?