Another topic related to page refresh!

I am new to ST but I’m delighted with possibilities. I am currently developing a CRUD app but I have a refresh problem. Once the code is long I put toghter a smal code to mock my issue.

The main objetive is to present a text to the user, who needs to enter some sort of evaluation. The app then must record the text and the evaluation. The issue is that once I enter the text_input with the evaluation, the text (which is randomly selected) changes, and the app endup recording the user evaluation AND a newer text.

I tried cache, forms and session state, as well as I read all discussion topics and did a lot of tries. Nothing worked!

Thanks for helping!

import streamlit as st
from random import randint

def run():
    number = str(randint(0,100))
    st.write(f'Your number is: {number}')
    input = st.text_input('How do you like this number?')
    if not input:
        register(number, input)


def register(number, input):
    st.write(f'the number is {number} and this is your response: {input}')