Any changes regarding websocket for Streamlit v1.14 vs. 1.18?

Have there been any changes regarding websocket since v. 1.14.1?

I have now changed to v. 1.18 and the reverse proxy of our system does not “proxy” the websocket anymore.
Do I have to adapt any settings for the reverse proxy?

Would highly appreciate any ideas :slight_smile:

I think /stream was renamed to /_stcore/stream ( so you may want to redirect the new endpoint instead on the websocket side.

(check Rename endpoints #5534 breaks streamlit behind load balancer · Issue #6095 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub)

Have a nice day

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Dear Fanilo,

Thank you for this hint.

Unfortunately, changing to /_stcore/stream does not solve the issue.

Maybe any other ideas what I could try to fix this?


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If you’re doing Healthcheck from the reverse proxy, also check /healthz is renamed to _stcore/health

Until it is properly documented, you can see the full list by looking through the file changes in Rename endpoints by sfc-gh-kbregula · Pull Request #5534 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

Good luck!

Hey Fanilo,

was a bit too fast - there has been another entry within the proxy settings. So after changing this one also to /_stcore/stream everything works fine again :slight_smile:

Thx so much