Any way to disable default keybindings?

Ì have an application with a text field. If the text field is not active and the person accidentally starts typing on screen they may press lowercase ‘c’. Then a clear cache dialog pops up.

I want to disable keybindings such as that and ‘r’.

It looks like this may be dealt with in 0.89.0 release notes and Disable 'c' as clear cache shortcut (or disable shortcuts all together) · Issue #4048 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub.

It appears that the “c” keybinding only happens in developer mode (you can check with Chrom incognito mode). However the r keybinding is still active and will cause the app to restart.

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Hi @shawngiese,

Thanks for posting! Feel free to open an issue on Streamlit GitHub so we can investigate further. Use these issue example to draft a detailed issue for the team.

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