Anyone use d3graph in streamlit?

I found this thread: Interactive Networks (graphs) with Pyvis - #8

But the PyViz solution doesn’t have features I am looking for. I’d like to show a list of features when scrolling over an edge or node.

I think d3graph might be a better solution, but haven’t found any examples of using it with streamlit.

Can someone help me with getting a d3 based graphic library to work in streamlit?

I am looking to create something like this: What are the most specialized products of ? (2019) | OEC - The Observatory of Economic Complexity


Hi @dudeman :wave:

I just released streamlit-d3graph, a simple component to display d3graph network graphs in Streamlit apps.


Hope it helps!

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@snehankekre Hope you added this awesome component to the Tracker :smiley:

Cheers :balloon:

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Hey a new d3_graph version just got released to add a check for an empty color list.

Can I update streamlit-d3graph to make sure d3_graph version is >= 2.03?

Or if not could you please?

Thank you!

Hi @dudeman,

The minimum supported version of d3graph is 2.0.1. You are free to update your local version to d3graph>=2.0.3. :smile: If you do so, streamlit-d3graph will use the updated version.

The minimum supported version of d3graph for streamlit-d3graph however will remain 2.0.1 so that folks using the older version (for whatever reason) are still able to use the Streamlit Component.

Best, :balloon:

Got it! thank you!

Hi @snehankekre ,

I am using streamlit-d3graph to display some graphs with 2000 up to 10000 nodes on a Streamlit app. Is there an option of zooming out or a workaround so that the user can see the whole network?
I post a picture of what I see when running the app.

Thank you!

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