App deployment error in streamlit

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I have two data frames that I have deployed locally without problems on my host, when deploying through streamlit it generates errors that I have treated as follows

  1. The pip was updated in the latest version.
  2. The pillow was updated.
    The error it generates is the following

ERROR: Invalid requirement: install --upgrade pip

pip: error: no such option: --upgrade


Could you share the code snippet of the app that reproduces this error. It would be helpful for the community in understanding your issue better.

See here an example of how to write a valid requirements file:

Hi @Franky1 I have “from ipywidgets import interact, RadioButtons” in my pythong script. I dont know what to mention in the requirements.txt about this library. Got an error while deploying the app “from ipywidgets import interact, RadioButtons”. Please help me… currently in my requirments files contains