App in streamlit-cloud, BD in server linux intranet


the question basically is:
Is there any way for an app shared by the platform to access a Mysql DB that is on a linux server within an organization?
The idea would be to guarantee that external accesses (outside the organization) would not be able to access the mysql DB (it would display an error message when connecting the DB).

If this is impossible and if you have any alternative, it will be very welcome.

Thanks for the support.

Your two requirements seems to contradict each other. You want a database that cannot be accessed from the outside to be accessed from the outside?

Sorry if I didn’t explain correctly.

I’ll rephrase the question:

I have a mysql database on my linux server. This server is limited by the company’s intranet network.
I created an that should access this database and hosted it at .
Problem: I can’t get to establish a connection to mysql which is on the linux server.

IP host, database name, username and password entered correctly (in the pymysql session).

Could the problem just be a server-side firewall rule?
Or simply the platform that does not accept this type of external connection with mysql?

Sure it could be. Indeed

Any such limitation can interfere your ability to connect to the DB from the deployed application. You might need to clear this with your DB / network admins.

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