App is slow on cloud but fast when run locally

Hi! I have an app that takes less than 2 minutes to run locally on my computer, but on Streamlit cloud the execution time varies from 5 min till 10+ min. Do you know what can be the reason and how can I fix it? Thank you very much.

Hi @stepdasha,

Thanks for sharing your question! Streamlit Community Cloud apps are limited to 1GB of resources, which can cause performance issues if your app needs more resources.


Hi @Caroline ! Thank you for your reply. I am quite new to web applications, thank you for letting me know about resource limits. I am also puzzled that my app can run slower one day, but faster the other day. This seems weird if it is a resources issue. Do you know, why would the app run faster in different days or times of the day? So, for now, it is kind of unpredictable running time. However on my local computer the time is always the same.

Most likely we are sharing resources with other cloud users, so I would bet that your execution time will be lower when few people is using Streamlit cloud and higher when a lot of user are at the same time using it.

Dear Jose,

Thank you for your reply! The problem is not the execution time. The app just fails, and gives an error. The error says that something went wrong and suggests writing to the support team.
Could you please check, do I still have an increased memory limit of 8Gib? I requested it some time ago and the Streamlit team kindly granted it to me.