App killed

I am trying to deploy my streamlit app using amazon ec2. The app is loading fine. But when I try to predict, the app is getting killed

Hi @shena-cloud ,

this can have different reasons.
Actually, I had the same issue some weeks ago. In my case, the problem was that I used a very small EC2 + I had several tabs/browser opened with the app at the same time.

So what happened?
When I started the streamlit app, I had a big dataframe being loaded at the beginning. When I only had one browser with one streamlit instance running, everything worked as expected.
But since I had several tabs loading the same dataframe at exactly the same time - this caused issues due to the small EC2.

So maybe this might also be the case for you?

In any case to get more information, you should add more logs/print statements in your python script to identify exactly, at which point the app is crashing (I assume it’s always at the same step?).