App Reboot/Update at regular time intervals

Hello everyone,
These last days i am working on a analysis web app (data visualization oriented). for that i am using an Excel.xlsx as data source. so far so good, but to update the app, I have to (every day) update manually :

  1. The Github repo : (git add . ; git commit -m “commit” ; git push -u origin master)
  2. Reboot the App.

I would like to know if there is a way to automate these tasks (once a day) ?

Thank you all !

Hi @Snow_Yoo

You can explore the use of GitHub Actions to execute Python scripts automatically on GitHub. Please see Patrick Loeber’s blog on how to implement this (How to schedule Python scripts with GitHub Actions - Python Engineer).

Hope this helps!

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Hello, thank you !
Now i can automate these GitHub Actions. But i would like to know if i can schedule automatic appreboot after each commit ?
to be clearer, i need all the functions to rerun / clear there cache to consider the new data.

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You don’t need to reboot the application in order to clear the cache.

Hello @Goyo, thanks for the reply.
is it possible to automate this task after each update of the gitbuh repo ?

In the OP you say “once a day”. For that, setting a cache ttl of 86400 seconds should do.

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