App stuck "Spinning up manager process"

The first thing to try is rebooting your app. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend deleting and re-deploying. @Yusof I rebooted your app and it seems to be working now.

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry but i have the same issue.

What is the good way to solve this problem please?


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I’m having the same issue today. I updated and rebooted but hangs processing app…

Same here! Seeing this issue today.

I’m guessing any reboot causes this error as my other apps are working fine as cached in their servers. Would be nice to be notified of such matters as it causes users to think twice on their code compatibility with wasted time.

Same here!

I started to use Streamlit today (06 Feb 2023) and I wanted to start with a very minimal example program.
Just printing a line of text on the screen.
but: the deployment gets stuck in “please wait” and “Spinning up manager process”.
It is such a simple program (only 5 lines of code) and it does not work. That is sad.

Same here, stuck on “Spinning up manager process”

Same issue since today.

Same issue, I’ve been stuck for the last few hours.

Hi! Could you try to delete and recreate the app? If the issue persists, could you provide a link to the app and a screenshot?

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Same here :frowning:

Same issue since the last 8-10 hours

@Wathon @ajinkya-kulkarni could you provide links to apps with this issue?

@Alexandru_Toader my app is experiencing this at the moment :confused:

Hi! The issue should be resolved. Please let me know if you are still encountering this problem.

@Alexandru_Toader still seeing this on my app

Looks good now, thanks!

I’m still facing this issue please…

I’ll update once I’m able to deploy

I’m facing the same issue.