App with prisma doesn't work anymore

Hi all,

I have a deployment on streamlit that’s broken since recently.

I was able to use Prisma before. However it appears it can’t function anymore. The Prisma library does some tricks in order to generate the types from the schema.prisma file, but it seems like there were new restrictions that disable the library from functioning. Do you know how can I make it work again?

The code (and repo I used) to make Prisma work.


Apparently you need to set option to a writable directory in the generator block of your prisma schema. “The same location it was installed to” no longer works in Streamlit Cloud.

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Nice, thanks. It wasn’t option, but I looked a little bit into the python implementation and realized it should be output instead. Still, got me in the right direction!
If anyone is interested, I have made a demo app showcasing Prisma:


Sorry, it is output in the docs I linked but I copied and pasted the wrong word,

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