Application Deployment Streamlit

I am facing difficulties in app deployment in streamlit cloud environment.
Can anybody assist me please?

@ardit24 We need more info to assist you. Can you provide more details like github repo, requirements.txt?
What have you tried so far? Did you reboot the app?

So basically created streamlit account by connecting it with githhub account. Then deploying the app, filling details, title, branch etc. After, failed deployment, tried reboot then deploy.
I have included Github repo for REQUIREMENTS.TXT: GitHub - ardit24/test-streamlit-app

You didn’t specify Streamlit package in your requirements.txt. You don’t need to specify every other package in your working environement, just the ones you need (imported) in your current project (you may also not specify the version and let streamlit cloud solve compatibility).

Also, I see image/data files/folders in your mutliple py files that point to a local path on your machine:

image_folder_page1 = "C:\\Users\\35569\\Documents\\Developments\\St\\images1"
image_folder_page2 = "C:\\Users\\35569\\Documents\\Developments\\St\\images2"

# Load CSV data for the chart
csv_file_path = "C:\\Users\\35569\\Documents\\Developments\\St\\csv1\\City_1.csv"

Make sure to change that and point to the data files/folders in your project not in your machine.