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High guys I would like to design a web application and I have GIF image I want to display it on my sidebar please help me with your suggestions and ideas or instead if I want to use streamlit Lottie how can I display it on the sidebar
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mohammed_Bahageel,

Here’s the code for using the lottie files. Use either one of the following options:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_lottie import st_lottie  # pip install streamlit-lottie
import json
import requests

# use any one of the following 2 options

# option #1
# for a local lottie file, use the following statements 
vFile = "D:/Python/mylottiefile.json"  # provide your full local file path
with open(vFile, "r") as fl:
    LottieCode = json.load(fl)

# option #2
# for a web-based lottie, use the following statements
vFile = ""
r = requests.get(vFile)
LottieCode = None if r.status_code != 200 else r.json()

#--------------------show the lottie file in the sidebar
    with st.sidebar:
        st_lottie(LottieCode, height=200, width=200, speed=1, loop=True)


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Thank you very much indeed for your assistance
Professor shwan

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