ArcLayer hover/tooltip text


Loving Streamlit so far, but I’m stuck on something.

I’m using an ArcLayer to show journeys, which is working fine, and using “pickable” I can hover over an arc and it gets highlighted. The example for ArcLayer ( has a nice tooltip event to display some text, is this possible somehow in Streamlit?

Or is it the same feature that’s yet to be developed as per Hover and click events??



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I’m looking forward to it too. I’m using ScatterplotLayer.

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Hi @dasb and @Lazaro_Pinheiro_Domi, thanks a lot for your question. We don’t support all the options in in streamlit. Since we translate the API to Python, we support only a subset. That said, this seems like a very interesting feature request. I will file it on github and we go from there to track this.


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Here is the link to the feature request:

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