Aspasia – An OpenAI-infused web app for education, personal development, and lifelong learning!

Web app:

Knowledge doesn’t belong to an age or zip code.

Today, a person’s outcomes are largely determined by where they are born and, by extension, the public education they receive.

Structured learning for professional, civic, and personal growth during our academic years is often weak, and after school, near non-existent.

People don’t choose where they are born or how the world will evolve, but these factors shouldn’t stop someone from self-actualizing.

That’s where Aspasia comes in.

This early version of Aspasia currently provides…

Conscious counseling: Our foundational experience asks you to raise your consciousness while providing you with a personalized set of paths to your goal. You must identify who you are and what you are trying to achieve. Aspasia provides a response, a recommended question to follow, and resources to pursue further.

Learning cycles: Aspasia can take your prompt and send you a series of AI-drafted, personalized daily emails to help you learn and retain lessons and resources.

Resources repository: A repository of online courses, book repositories, foreign language learning, code programs, and more.

Batch learning: Aspasia can answer or summarize sets of prompts using AI in bulk for accelerated information download.

If you’re a student, professional, or simply enjoy learning new things faster, then I invite you to try it out. It’s free and I intend on trying to keep it accessible in the spirit of equity, growing life outcomes for all. Please feel free to share your thoughts here or through the form on the app — it’s very much an early-stage project and I’m excited to improve it for the world :slight_smile:

Happy learning!


Lovely idea and so well implemented. I had a couple of exceptions which you may wish to check in the st cloud dashboard.


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Thank you! Work in progress, clearly :slight_smile:

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