AttributeError: module 'matplotlib.cbook' has no attribute 'mplDeprecation'

Good day,
I was trying to use " streamlit_pandas_profiling" however, the same error message appears whatever the environment or matplotlib version.

(( AttributeError: module ‘matplotlib.cbook’ has no attribute ‘mplDeprecation’))

Need help from anybody who faced the same problem.

thank you.

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Hi @Ali_Sultan, and welcome to our community! :raised_hands:

It’s been a while since the streamlit_pandas_profiling library has been updated, so my assumption is that you may need to downgrade your matplotlib version to one compatible with the streamlit_pandas_profiling module.

You can try version 3.2.2 or another suitable version as follows:

pip install matplotlib==3.2.2

I hope this resolves the issue for you.

Let me know.


Yes I noticed that profiling library wasn’t updated in the last 2 years, let me try your solution hopefully can resolve that issue and thanks a lot for your response.

I also encountered the same error and I was able to resolve it by installing version 3.5.1. Thanks @Charly_Wargnier for the tip!

pip install matplotlib==3.5.1

Thanks all for your responses
It worked on matplotlib==3.7


Special thanks to @Charly_Wargnier

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Glad it helped @Ali_Sultan @ldaguidote! :hugs:

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