# AttributeError: module 'pyarrow' has no attribute '__version__'

I installed Streamlit with pip install Streamlit on my terminal. When I write Streamlit hello on my terminal, it works but not completly. The terminal shows :

And a web page opens which works well for Animation Demo, but not for the other pages. In the terminal, it is written :

I did a pip list and I see Streamlit version is 1.34.0 and pyarrow is 13.0.0

What can I do in order it works well?

Were you installing this into your base environment of a new environment? Since it appears that something went wrong with the installation, I would first try creating a clean environment in Python and try pip installing Streamlit in that fresh environment.

Alternatively, you could try to force a new installation of pyarrow (pip install pyarrow -U) in your original environment. You may need to pip install streamlit after that to make sure pyarrow doesn’t grab any upgrades that are incompatible with Streamlit.)

Thank you for your answer.

I resolved this problem by doing a pip install pyarrow --upgrade.